Kindergarten 2 (5 -6 years old)

Our Kindergarten 2 children enjoy a carefully structured and exciting learning program that covers the all key areas of learning.

Our programs are conducted in both French and English or Chinese, to ensure complete immersion in both languages. As a result of this, our students quickly learn to switch from one language to the other quite naturally.

We aim to give our Kindergarten 2 children as many direct learning experiences as possible so that learning is involving and meaningful to them. As well as focusing on developing strong reading and writting skills, we place a significant emphasis on problem-solving and numeracy skills, on developing creativity, and on nurturing physical and social skills.

We organized special activities every Friday such as cooking, gardening, circus, and much more. As it is important for kids to discover the world around them we will also be visiting parks, zoos, aquariums, farms etc. once every month. Parents will be invited to join us on these special activities.

The activities includes:

Singing and Music Classes

Enhance the child’s music perception, sense of rhythm, and improvisation ability through singing, playing instruments, games, and performances. Our singing class is led by our French and English teachers as well as the music of our piano. Learning both French and English songs happily and naturally through music activities also allows children to develop interests in music and self-confidence.


Our classes for K2 are specially prepared by our staff and emphasize on French children culture. Our program is based on reading and listening famous tales, on learning children songs and nursery rhymes as well as on games related to these classics of our French kindergarten program.


Our English curriculum for K2 is based on our books “ Here we go “, specially written by our staff. These books follow logical steps functions of the four seasons. Each book has an audio CD and a workbook for every child.


Our Chinese program is based on Chinese national preschool curriculum and taught by our experienced and dynamic Chinese teachers.

Arts and crafts

Various workshops will be taught according to each season. Your children can enhance their skills easily through these carefully designed games and activities including mastering basic painting, drawing, modeling and other manual skills.

Story Reading Classes

Develop your child’s language skills and self-confidence by listening and learning nursery rhymes and stories.

French writting and reading class

While the morning class focuses on enlarging your children vocabulary and French comprehension, this class will focuses on his writing and reading skills. Each child will have his own workbook based on French national education program.

Physical activities

Your child will discover a large variety of sports and games such as football, basketball, cricket, volleyball etc.


This class will boost your children memory and creativity by learning short plays. Parents will be invited to see our final show once every two months.


This class aims at encouraging children to express themselves through different kinds of movements and rhythms. Your child will discover a large variety of dances, from folk to jazz and from Chinese to African dance. Parents will be invited to see our final show once every two months.

Free play Classes

Encourage children creativity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities through playing with other kids and different kinds of learning toys.