Nursery (3 - 4 years old)

With a strong focus on hands-on learning experiences, our Nursery children enjoy a wonderfully varied and creative program which enables them to learn at their own pace.

The main areas of our curriculum for Nursery children are speaking and listening, creative development, social and physical development and world discovering. As with all our classes and activities are taught bi-lingualy; that is to say there is an English or Chinese language teacher and a French language teacher in each class, both guiding the children so that they are immersed in the two languages naturally.

Above all our Nursery program aims to capture the excitement and adventure of learning so that coming to school each day becomes something each child looks forward to.

The activities includes:

Singing and Music Classes

Enhance the child’s music perception, sense of rhythm, and improvisation ability through singing, playing instruments, games, and performances. Our singing class is led by our French and English teachers as well as the music of our piano. Learning both French and English songs happily and naturally through music activities also allows children to develop interests in music and self-confidence.

Body discovering Classes

Encourage development of your child ’s physical coordination, flexibility, and a sense of balance through walking, running, crawling, and sports activities.

Arts and crafts

Various workshops will be taught according to each season. Your children can enhance their skills easily through these carefully designed games and activities including mastering basic painting, drawing, modeling and other manual skills, recognizing a variety of colors, vegetables, fruits, animals, and other general knowledge.

Story Reading Classes

Develop your child 's language skills and self-confidence by learning nursery rhymes and stories.

Free play Classes

Encourage children movement coordination, creativity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities through playing with different kinds of learning toys.

Education through images

This class enable children to tell a short story, identify objects and characters from a movie or a documentary. Education through images enable the development of the eyesight memory and toddlers expression.


Children will learn how to name everyday objects through taste, eyesight, sense of touch and hearing. The French program for the Pre-K level is thematic; it aims at increasing children vocabulary and enable the development of their sensory capacities.

Introduction to English

Our English curriculum for toddlers is based on our books “ Here we go “, specially written by our staff. These books follow logical steps functions of the four seasons. Each book has an audio CD and a workbook for every child.


Our Chinese program is based on Chinese national preschool curriculum and taught by our experienced and dynamic Chinese teachers.