Toddlers (18 - 30 months old)

Our Toddlers Program aims to make the transition from home to school easy by providing the same warm, safe and caring learning environment that these young children would have at home within our school.

Children of 18 to 30 months are extremely receptive - they absorb everything that is going on around them - and our fun-filled Toddlers program makes the most of this, encouraging the children to understand and develop basic language skills in French, whilst at the same time developing social skills, gross and fine motor skills and creativity through songs, music and imaginative play.

The activities includes:

Singing and Music Classes

Enhance baby’s music perception, sense of rhythm, and improvisation ability through singing, playing instruments, games, and performances. Our singing class is led by our French and English teachers as well as the music of our piano. learning French, Chinese and English songs naturally through music activities also allows babies to develop interests in music and self-confidence.

Body discovering Classes

Encourage development of your baby’s physical coordination, flexibility, and a sense of balance through walking, running, crawling, and sports activities.

Arts and crafts

Various workshops will be taught according to each season. Your babies can enhance their skills easily through these carefully designed games and activities including mastering basic painting, drawing, modeling and other manual skills, recognizing a variety of colors, vegetables, fruits, animals, and other general knowledge.

Story Reading Classes

Develop your baby's language skills and self-confidence by learning nursery rhymes and stories.